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Sarah Kay Jolly


Height:  5'5; Hair:  Light Brown; Eyes:  Hazel




Grace and Frankie, Episodes 404 & 406, Netflix, 2018

Preacher, Episode 101 See, Seth Rogan/Evan Goldberg, AMC, 2016

Front Seat Chronicles, Episode: All Fun and Games, Lead,

Dir: Devon K. Lee and Allen Sowelle, CBS Denver, 2013

Super School News, Anchor, PBS Colorado, 2013

Webheads, Episode 19, Nickelodeon, 2014



Emma Rae, Lead, Allen Sowelle/Chris Beal Productions, 2017

The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg, Supporting, Dir: Doug Bremner,

Laughing CowProductions, 2016

Bokendan: Quest for the Phoenix Sword, Lead, Dir: Mark Grove,

Fusion Factor Films,2016

Creepy Island, Lead, Dir: Dennis Vincent, Starline Productions (pre-production) 2016

Rage of the Mummy, Supporting, Dir: Dennis Vincent, Star Wizard Films, 2016

Pre-Nope, Supporting, Dir: Greg Nemer, 5 Elements Pictures, 2016

Forget Me Not, Lead, Dir: Patrick Sheridan, Paddy Wagon Films, 2016

Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Lead, Dir: Catrin Efken, 2015

The Box, Lead, Dir: Patrick Sheridan, Paddy Wagon Films, 2015

Unredeemable, Supporting, Dir: Greg Nemer, Breaking the Cycle Films, 2014

Eulogy for a Rocket, Lead, Dir:  Richard Corso, Moon Clock Films, 2014

List of Lists, Lead, Dir:  Patrick Sheridan, Paddy Wagon Films, 2014

A Gun's Life (trailer), Dir: John F. Uranday, Cutmfilms, 2014

Brickman, Lead, Dir:  Linh Ngo, 2013      

Later, Lead, Dir:  Devon K. Lee, 2013

The Lookout, Lead, Dir:  Patrick Sheridan, 2012



Anti-Bullying PSA, Supporting, Dir:  Will Trowbridge/Disney Interactive, 2015

Child Abuse PSA, Supporting, Dir:  Reynelda Snell, Vivian Smith Studios, 2015

Help, Guest Star, Dir:  KJ Calderone, 2013 

English Language Education - Documentary, Lead, Dir: S. Hanus, iWonder, 2013

Trusted Adults,Principal, CDPH, 2016

Facebook, Principal, Dir: Kevin Butler, 2016

Allstate Insurance, 2015

Shining Star Kids Dentistry, Principal, Dir: Peter Lively, 2015 

Child Health Plan Plus, Principal, CBS, 2013

Mythbusters Promo, Young Kari Byron, Dir: Jason Farrand, Discovery Channel, 2012

Evil Cheesey Rides Again, Narrator, Dir:  Jack Hanley


Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, Marion, Backstory Theater Company, 2012

The Prince and the Pauper, Mother/Olivia, Backstory Theater Company, 2012

Alice in Wonderland - The Musical, White Rabbit, Jester Theater Company & School

for the Performing Arts, 2012      

Wizard of Oz, Glinda, Backstory Theater Company, 2011 

Rapunzel, Rue/Townsperson, Backstory Theater Company, 2011

Alice in Wonderland, Two of Spades/Tree, Backstory Theater Company, 2011

 Story Writing · Drawing · Painting
· Adventure Mud Racing 

Wakeboarding · Boxing ·Hoverboard · Soccer · Basketball 

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