About Me 

Sarah is a beautiful, energetic 18-year old actress.   She is often described as a quirky, funny, unique and sensitive.  Sarah can light up a room with her smile and the sparkle in her eye.  

Sarah entered the world of acting at the age of 8, and she has not looked back.  Sarah began acting in theater productions and quickly discovered that she loved acting and singing!    She has expanded her theatrical experience to include commercials and film.  Sarah trains with an amazing group of professionals in the entertainment industry in both Los Angeles and Denver. 

Sarah is an intelligent, articulate and ambitious girl.  She is an excellent student and has been identified as Gifted and Talented by her home school district.  She has an amazing memory and is an extremely fast reader.  Sarah loves to write stories and direct her own movies.  Her artwork has been recognized and featured in her school district’s Art Show two years in a row.  

While Sarah loves to sing, read, write and act, she also enjoys sports and other adventures.   In the summer time, Sarah loves wakesurfing, wakeboarding and stand-up paddle boarding.  She enjoys basketball, soccer, cheerleading and hanging out with her friends.  

Sarah puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and it shows!  Her intense desire to learn and improve herself drives every aspect of her life.  Sarah lives by the motto, “I don’t need easy, I just need possible.”  

Sarah is represented by Abrams Artists Agency and New Beginnings Entertainment (management) in Los Angeles, Mitchell & Associates Talent in New Mexico and
Donna Baldwin Agency in Colorado